Fantasy Fight LIVE!

An interactive, multi-purpose On-Stream-Experience for streamers and their valued viewers (Currently in Early Access). Click the button, to learn more...

What is it and how does it work?

A simple ruleset for a great stream experience

In Fantasy Fight LIVE viewers on Twitch can join random duels or challenge each other while watching the stream. Viewer-Controlled heroes will appear on the stream (configurable by the streamer) and fight each other until a winner is clear.
The players can level up and collect items and other parts for their heroes to create and cusomize their very own hero or simply use a pre-created default hero.

The duels in Fantasy Fight LIVE follow a Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic.
Melee beats Magic - Magic beats Parry - Parry beats Melee

Duels are always running a Best-Of-X strategy.
This means if for example the streamer sets 7 rounds, the first 4 rounds can already make the winner clear.

Special Tournament Rules

Tournaments have a pre-round if there are not exactly 2, 4, 8 or 16 participants.
The pre-round starts random duels betwenn players in the pool until there are 2, 4, 8 or 16 left.

After the preround a KO-System starts. In the first round the pairs are random.
At the end of each duel the winner will move to next round, while the loser is out.

The Final Match has a special rule: To win, you have to reach at least a score of 5 but also two points more than your opponent so 5:3 or 8:6 is a winner where 5:4 or 4:1 is not

I am Viewer            I am Streamer

FFL Benefits for Viewers

Join random fights and challenge other viewers during a stream or enter community tournaments

Find Collectibles

Find collectible "Body Parts" and Items during fights or claim them for Subs, Hype Trains and Events
Currently only sub-rewards and In-Fight drops.

Trade & Steal

Trade with other players or steal them an item - if you are brave enough for the challenge.
Upcoming Feature

Customize your Hero

Create your own hero in the Armory and customize it using your collected stuff

Become the #1

Level up your hero and become the absolute #1 on channel- and global leaderboards
Upcoming Feature

But my favorite streamer isn't using FFL... Help!

Fantasy Fight LIVE is free to get for every streamer. Also the usage of this game can have benefits for streamers. Probably your favorite one simply doesn't know about this game yet? You could help us and try to introduce them to FFL.

We are planning to create a "spread the word" benefit for viewers who bring new streamers to the game. Stay tuned.

Streamers already using Fantasy Fight LIVE!

This is a random selection of streamers who recently used the game on their channel

FFL Benefits for Streamers

FFL is multifunctional. You can use it as an overlay with zero interaction required while you are streaming or switch to the tournament mode for having a break, doing a giveaway or simply community gaming. It can serve you for any aspect of your stream. Got another great idea? Contact us!

Bind Viewers

People can actively participate in the stream by playing RPS-Duels and collecting new stuff seamlessly while watching.

Exclusive Content

We can partner up! If you are actively using FFL, you can design a bunch of items exclusively findable on your stream

Viewer Exchange

People hunting for collectibles can browse all streamers using FFL and may come around to catch up the latest stuff

Income Source

FFL Events are an incentive for cheering. It's another benefit for Hype Trains and we have a few Bits-Enabled game features!
Upcoming Feature

Convenient controls while streaming

There is a plugin for your elgato streamdeck which allows controlling the game features
and joining duels as the streamer conventiently without tabbing out of your game!

The best news last: It's free!

Attracted? Fantasy Fight LIVE is now in Early Access!

Click the button below, install the extension and follow the setup instructions on twitch.



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Fantasy Fight LIVE is still young - but growing! Take your chance and jump on the Hype-Train NOW!

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